How to turn off Facebook’s “Do you know so-and-so” (and other) notifications on Android

Open the Facebook app Click on the hamburger button (displayed as ≡) near the top-right corner of screen Scroll down and tap on Account Settings > Notifications Under the “How You Get Notifications” section, select “Mobile” Tap on the notifications that you want to turn off

How to hide notification for particular Android app?

When you run many background apps (e.g. GMD GestureControl, SwipePad: Hyperspace Launcher, HomeFlip, GYF Side Launcher) that add themselves to your ongoing notification panel, the list grows fast and soon it gets so long that it takes up precious screen estate, forcing you to scroll down whenever you want to check the real notifications from incoming messaging […]

Why is my Android phone disallowing me from changing ringtone or notification sound?

  OBSERVATION: It allows me to change it, but after a while, it’ll revert back to a particular ringtone, notification sound, or “Unknown ringtone”. No matter which sound I picked, be it from internal storage or SD, it’ll always revert back after a while. It’s like the ringtone is stuck! SOLUTION: Some profile changing app […]

App for storing private files securely on Android devices

Are you looking for a Truecrypt-like app to store confidential files on your Android phone using virtual folder/container so that you don’t have to tediously encrypt/decrypt individual file? Check out the LUKS Manager by Nemesis][. It works very well for me. Need rooted phone though.

Some design considerations for tablet devices

I’ve got a chance to play with the old iPad and the newer Motorola Xoom. Here’s a list of some of my observations comparing the two in terms of hardware/form factor. It’s just a personal list and by no means comprehensive. iPad battery lasts longer when in sleep mode. Shorter battery life makes using the […]