How to turn off Facebook’s “Do you know so-and-so” (and other) notifications on Android

Open the Facebook app Click on the hamburger button (displayed as ≡) near the top-right corner of screen Scroll down and tap on Account Settings > Notifications Under the “How You Get Notifications” section, select “Mobile” Tap on the notifications that you want to turn off

How to prevent accidental keyboard input in a Linux terminal

  In a multi-monitor setup, sometimes I type in the wrong window without knowing and end up spamming WeeChat IRC. To prevent that, I now use gnome-terminal and turn on “Read-Only” mode to disable typing. This useful feature is, however, not available in other terminals. Please share in the comments if you know of alternatives. […]

How to change sshd default port on firewalld

  Instead of messing around with the ports directly with RHEL7/CentOS7 firewall-cmd, I’ve decided to update the port number in the ssh.xml service file instead. Think it’s cleaner this way. For example, here are the steps to change sshd port from the default 22 to 9876: 1. Make a copy of the default ssh service […]

Cannot download HP printer driver using Chromium/Firefox on Linux

  Problem: Somehow the “Software & Drivers” option does not show up when I try to download the printer driver of HP LaserJet Pro MFP M127fn from the official HP website using Chromium, Firefox, Opera and most web browsers on Linux. Solution: Use Konqueror on Linux or another OS.

How to reset lost root password on Raspberry Pi running Arch Linux

#459312475 /   Assumption: SD is not encrypted Plug SD onto another working computer, look for the “cmdline.txt” file and edit it by appending “init=/bin/sh” after “rootwait”. Save the file, remove the SD and plug it back to the RPi and boot. You’ll be dropped into a shell. Change your passwd, then hit CTRL-ALT-DEL […]

How to fix network print queue installation error 0x0000007e on Windows

Problem: The print queue of a HP printer on a Windows 2003 Server (clustered) already has its 32-bit driver installed. For my new 64-bit Windows 7 client to use the print queue, I installed the 64-bit printer driver on the server. However, when I connect to the print queue on the 64-bit Windows 7 client, […]