Workaround for attaching > 1MB file attachment in Gmail

When I upload file attachment larger than ~1mb to Gmail using the Chrome web browser (v18.0.1025.33-r122015 google-chrome-beta on Ubuntu 11.10), the uploading will always fail after a while and Gmail will retry, resulting in an infinite loop to attach the same file.

Workaround: Use Firefox to attach such larger file attachments in Gmail. It works for me on the first try with Firefox 10.0.2.

https page that includes other resources which are not secure

Question: How to find out what contents on a HTTPS page is retrieved using HTTP, i.e. unencrypted in transit and thus open to sniffing?

Answer: Use Google Chrome web browser’s Developer Tools. Look under “Console” and you’ll see lines that look like this:

The page at displayed insecure content from