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How to stop IBus from removing your xmodmap mappings

If the use of IBus removes your xmodmap keymaps in X, try enabling the “Use system keyboard layout” option under the “Advanced” tab in the IBus Preferences.

– ibus 1.5.5-1
– xorg-xmodmap 1.0.8-1

Tech Tips

How to fix copy-paste clipboard issue on Windows 7 Synergy client

Love the cross-platform and open source Synergy keyboard and mouse sharing application. With the newly added built-in encryption, it’s even more secure now.

The only problem I had was the copy-paste clipboard issue. When I hit CTRL-C to copy any text from a Windows 7 Synergy cilent (v1.4.12) running in service mode, it doesn’t get sync’d to my Arch Linux Synergy server (v1.4.12-1) and so I can’t paste it on the server machine. However, it does get copied into Windows 7’s own clipboard.

Workaround: Disable the “Elevate” option on Windows 7 Synergy cilent’s GUI. Some of you will need that elevate setting but copy-paste is more important to me. I already have another keyboard plugged in to the client that I can use for UAC prompts and elevated programs, so disabling “Elevate” is fine for me though cumbersome.


Updated on 20130806 to add screenshot.

Tech Tips

AutoHotkey alternatives for Linux

For those of you looking for AutoHotkey alternatives for Linux, check these out:
  • compiz – OpenGL window and compositing manager
  • autokey – desktop automation utility
  • wmctrl – control an EWMH/NetWM compatible X Window Manager
  • setxkbmap – set the keyboard using the X Keyboard Extension
  • xmodmap – utility for modifying keymaps and pointer button mappings in X
  • xdotool – simulate X11 keyboard/mouse input
  • xvkbd – software virtual keyboard for X11
  • xbindkeys – a grabbing keys program for X
  • xte – Generates fake input using the XTest extension
  • xmacro – Record/play keystrokes and mouse movements in X displays

What tools do you use? Share your tips…