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Ugly evangelical Christians insult Buddhists and Muslims

Once again, Christian evangelists have abused Buddhists and Muslims, this time by the National University of Singapore (NUS) Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC):

Offensive poster from Campus Crusade for Christ

Offensive web page from Campus Crusade for Christ

The small text circled in red above reads:

“In a country where much of the population is M, much prayer and work is needed in this place. As our first team to be sent to this place, you will be reaching an unreached people group. This is a pioneer work where you will get to help start movement on their campuses! … …”

Please make a stand and tell the insensitive religious zealots that enough is enough. Check out and LIKE the Facebook page Say Yes to Religious Harmony.

It’s ok to discuss and compare religions but it’s a no-no to abuse others’ religion no matter how “well-intentioned” you are or how much you “love” them. How can you love someone when you don’t even respect the person in the first place?

Please stop offensive evangelism and unethical proselytism now.

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Christian evangelists take advantage of the poverty, illiteracy and innocence of villagers in India

7 mins 22 secs into the video, Nabbi Ram Singh related his shocking observation:

“Once I was called to a village for some antenna work. When my two friends and I had finished their work, we passed a local church on our way to the car.

There were about 250 poor people waiting to go inside the church. 3 priests, in long white ropes, were ordering these people to step on pictures of different Hindu Gods, which they had placed on the steps of the church. This was to prove that they had renounced the Hindu Gods by converting into Christianity.

Later, it came to my knowledge, that they were also ordered to burn pictures of our Hindu Gods. My friends and I were very shocked, because if you stepped on pictures of Hindu Gods, it’s very difficult to return to the Hindu faith.

Poor people choose to become Christians, because the Church promised them advantages, things that would take the Indian government a long time to deliver, and they promised them healing from all diseases just by coming to the Sunday prayers in the church.”

Found via Fundamentally Wrong.

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Religious Harmony Destroyer — Pastor Rony Tan?

Senior Pastor Rony Tan of Lighthouse Evangelism blasted Buddhism and Taoism at his church sessions, recorded them on video and posted them on the Lighthouse Evangelism’s website.

These offensive video clips were subsequently removed on the church’s website but they had already made their way onto YouTube.

The Government’s Internal Security Department (ISD) hauled up the Christian church leader and told him that what he did was wrong. ISD told him that in proselytising his religion, he must not run down other faiths, and must be mindful of the sensitivities of other religions.

Pastor Tan has apologised after being called up by the ISD.


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