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Dharma Encounters

Venerable Thubten Chodron Offers Key Strategies for Buddhist Youth Leaders

Venerable Thubten Chodron shared some useful advice about how young Buddhist leaders can benefit others and themselves in a recent dialogue with youths.

Organised and compiled by Ow Yeong Wai Kit:

  1. Think deeply and set your own priorities.
  2. Consider the advice of elders and seniors, but make your own decisions.
  3. Manage conflicts openly and calmly.
  4. Be flexible with your plans.
  5. Think carefully before making commitments.
  6. Balance time and resources to increase effectiveness.
  7. Evaluate monastic and lay teachers before accepting their teachings.
  8. Reach out to nominal Buddhists by emphasizing the Buddha’s love and compassion.
  9. Be sensitive to the differences between people.
  10. Develop self-confidence.
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Agree to Disagree – Conversations on Conversion

Agree to Disagree – Conversations on Conversion

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It is important to Agree to Disagree.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong highlighted the importance of maintaining racial and religious harmony through tolerance and restraint, as well as preserving the common space that all Singaporeans share.

Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng observed that amid the increase in religious proselytisation activities, security concerns are thrown up when “overzealous and self-righteous” followers engage in aggressive and insensitive propagation of their faiths.

Find out how to support Buddhists who are facing proselytism in their workplace, school or even at home, so that they can maintain their stand with compassion and wisdom.

Say “No” compassionately to religious proselytism.

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Dharma Encounters

What books should new Buddhists read?

《妙雲集》 is a set of 24 Dharma books written by Master Yin Shun 印顺导师.

After studying《妙雲集》in detail, 宏印法师 Venerable Hong Yin recommended in his book “怎樣讀《妙雲集》” for new Buddhists to start with 《佛法是救世之光》 of 《妙雲集》.

Within this book, Venerable advises that the following short articles be read in sequence, one after the other:

Chapter Title Pages
佛法是救世之光 1-6
二七 人生的意義何在 273-284
二八 切莫誤解佛教 285-306
佛為救護我們而來 7-16
一四 佛學的兩大特色 157-166
Note: There are also other good articles in this book that are very suitable for beginners.

After one has finished and digested the above teachings, one should move on to the next book that Venerable recommends. Check out 如何讀《妙雲集》 for details.

Enjoy the learning!

May all have right view and right understanding of the Buddha’s teachings.